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Customer FAQs

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Customer FAQs
How Do I Obtain A MSDS?
MSDS sheets are available on the Technical Support section of our website. If the appropriate MSDS cannot be located, please call Customer Service at +86-755-27393226.

How Do I Obtain A Certificate Of Quality Assurance?
Please call Customer Service at +86-755-27393226 to obtain a Certificate of Quality Assurance. When requesting the Certificate, please have the product catalog # and lot # ready.

How Can I Track The Status Of My Order Or Shipment?
Please call Huachenyang Customer Service to obtain the status of your order. Please have your Purchase Order and Product Catalog # available.

What Is Your Return Policy For Products?
Returns for products ordered directly from Huachenyang Tech must be coordinated through our Customer Service department within 48 hours of receipt of damaged or incorrect goods. Customers will receive a Returned Goods Authorization # (RGA) to initiate and track the return process. Returned goods must be packaged and returned in the original box. Once RGA# has been issued, the goods must be returned to Huachenyang within 10 business days in order to receive a credit memo or replacement goods.

For returns due to customer ordering error, a 10% restocking charge will apply. Huachenyang is not responsible for any freight charges for returned goods unless shipment is incorrect when compared to customer Purchase Order.

Huachenyang will not accept returned goods and/or credit customers for goods which were damaged while in transit to customer unless shipment is refused when delivery is attempted and/or documented with freight carrier at time of receipt.

How Do I File A Complaint If I Have Defective Product?
Please submit all complaints regarding defective product to a Customer Service Representative. Please provide lot number, product batch, photos, samples and all relevant information. The complaint will be reviewed by COPAN’s QA group and appropriate corrective action will be taken.

What Types Of Payment Methods Does Huachenyang Accept?
Customers can establish a credit account with Huachenyang by verifying credit information and providing the appropriate licenses for distribution and use. Huachenyang also accepts VISA, MasterCard, American Express, or wire transfers as valid payment options.

What Are Your Standard Shipping Terms?
All orders will be shipped within 5 business days of order receipt (depending on inventory availability), unless an alternative ship date is specified, via the most economical mode of transportation. Huachenyang has a variety of shipping methods available to efficiently service your institution. If you request special transportation and/or packaging, additional charges may apply.

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