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Saliva DNA Collection Device

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Saliva DNA Collection Device

An all-in-one system for the DNA collection from saliva
icleanhcy®Saliva DNA Collection Devices
Saliva sample has unique advantages in clinical, biochemical, and molecular analysis. Compared with serum sample, saliva collection is safe, convenient, non-invasive, painless, and easy to accept without the risk of blood-borne disease transmission. The MicroCollect™ Saliva DNA Collection Devices are designed for saliva DNA collection and preservation from the oral cavity. This Collection Device can collect and preserve superior oral samples for molecular detection of DNA, such as q-PCR and high-throughput sequencing.

The collector has a simple spiral funnel for direct delivery of simple saliva to a non-toxic preservative buffer. Users just need to split the saliva into the collection funnel until the amount of saliva reaches the fill line. The saliva collection tube ensures that a clean and hygienic saliva sample is obtained and well preserved. This product can be used to generate high-quality DNA from saliva and can be widely used in the department of endocrinology, stomatology, infectious diseases and psychiatric disease analysis, as well as in the fields of drug quarantine and animal husbandry, etc.

User-friendly, non-invasive saliva collection
Sampling can be done at home or other places without any special training
Widely used at home, R&D laboratories and clinical laboratories for scientific research, translational research, and clinical use
Suitable for a range of downstream applications, such as q-PCR, high-throughput sequencing, microarray, SNP analysis, and metagenomics analysis
Sample collection and preservation in one convenient kit
High-quality DNA stabilized at room temperature and well recovered
The preservative buffer can prevent bacterial growth, which is important for microbiome analysis
Unique funnel design prevents spillages or buffer flow back
Instructions for Use
Each of icleanhcy® Saliva DNA Collection Devices consists of 3 components: (1) Collection funnel and collection tube, (2) Preservative, (3) Tube cap. The instructions for use are as follows:

Split the saliva into the collection funnel until the amount of saliva reaches the fill line.
Close the collection funnel lid tightly and unscrew the funnel from the tube.
Close the collection tube tightly with the tube cap.
Shake the collection tube and down for 10 seconds.
Restore the collection tube or directly conduct downstream analysis
Kit components Size
icleanhcy™ Saliva DNA Collection Devices 50 devices
Individual icleanhcy™ Saliva DNA Collection Device Contents
Collection funnel and collection tube 1
Tube cap 1
preservative 1

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