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What’s a buccal swab?

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What’s a buccal swab?

If you read much about DNA testing, you might see that a buccal swab is often used to get your DNA sample. It’s an easy, painless swab that takes less than five minutes. A buccal swab is the same thing as a cheek swab. It’s often called a “cotton swab” because the actual supply used to do a buccal swab looks like a HUACHENYANG icleanhcy swabs. The term “buccal” refers to anything relating to the cheeks or the mouth cavity. Both adults and kids don’t mind having buccal swabs performed, which makes getting an accurate sample for your DNA test fast and simple.

No Blood for DNA Tests
The great thing about most DNA tests is that buccal swabs take the place of blood draws. Paternity, maternity, ancestry (and even Doggie DNA tests) all use saliva for DNA collection. New technology offers this non-invasive way of collecting DNA samples from the oral fluids lining your mouth. When you go in for a DNA test, the collector will ask that you open your mouth wide and will proceed to swab each side for approximately 30 seconds. Once both cheeks have been swabbed, you are free to leave. It’s that simple!

Results from a Buccal Swab
Buccal swabs are gentle and painless. Those taking the collection are trained in proper sampling and handling of your DNA sample. They’ll send your swab on for testing, results will be returned within 3-5 days. The great thing is that when you use a lab such as Test Smartly Labs for your DNA testing, your results can be used in court, too.

DNA testing for paternity or ancestry doesn’t have to involve blood.
It’s very easy.

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