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Chlorhexidine Foam SwabStick

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Detailed parameters

Chlorhexidine Foam SwabStick

Swab 2% Chlorhexidine + 70% Alcohol

Chlorhexidine Swabsticks are the first and only 3.15%(2%) chlorhexidine gluconate and 70% isopropyl alcohol solution. The swabsticks guard against pathogens like fungi, yeast, viruses and most bacteria. This fact makes them a premier choice for pre-operative or pre-injection skin preparation procedures.

Chlorhexidine Swabstick Specifications

1.6ML 1’s 3ml 1pcs 3pcs 5ml
Pre-operative and pre-injection skin preparation
Achieves in one minute
Maintains a bacterial reduction for at least 24 hours
Square, flat-shaped applicator allows for better skin contact
Peel-apart packaging ideal for use in sterile environments

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