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Blood Acquisition Card

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Blood Acquisition Card

Classical DNA Card Appearance Map

Characteristics: 1. Inactivation of pathogenic microorganisms or viruses in samples to avoid contamination of operators

2 DNA samples can be stored at room temperature for a long time without refrigeration, which greatly reduces the cost of DNA preservation.

3 Suitable for long distance transportation or mailing DNA samples at room temperature

Four samples can be used for multiple target DNA detection, and can be used many times for review and re-examination.

Classic FTA Card Set Component:

Scope of application

Blood Acquisition Card

DNA memory card has a wide range of applications, such as DNA collection, storage and transportation, medical identification and clinical diagnosis, food-borne pathogens detection, etc.

DNA Acquisition, Storage and Transportation: DNA memory card can be used for DNA extraction and PCR operation of Library samples for forensic medicine and paternity testing. A simple and easy-to-operate automatic DNA extraction procedure is established by using automatic DNA extraction instrument. Especially in the process of blood collection for high-risk groups, it can greatly reduce the need for blood samples, while inactivating infectious bacteria or viruses, avoid contamination of operators, and strengthen the protection of blood collectors. In addition, DNA memory card can also be used to extract DNA from crime scene and collect DNA samples of plants and animals in the field.

Medical identification and clinical diagnosis: It can be used for the detection of some diseases caused by bacteria or viruses, as well as for the analysis of genetic diseases and the detection of tumors. For areas with poor medical conditions, blood samples of patients can not be detected in time. Blood samples can be stored on DNA memory card and then sent to units with complete testing equipment by transportation or mail. For infectious biological samples, the process of storing them on DNA memory cards will lose their activity, so they are safe.

Detection of pathogenic bacteria in food source: The detection time of pathogenic bacteria in traditional food source is long and the detection procedure is cumbersome. Because of the high sensitivity and short detection time of PCR technology, it is more and more widely used in the field of foodborne pathogenic bacteria. DNA storage card can be used in sample collection to lyse bacterial cells, absorb their DNA, and reduce or eliminate other factors affecting the PCR reaction.

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