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Chlorhexidine Applicator

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Detailed parameters

Chlorhexidine Applicator

The 26.0 ML CHG Skin Antiseptic Foam Applicator  is designed to help you easily apply our chlorhexidine

gluconate (CHG)/isopropyl alcohol (IPA) formulation for skin preparation.




10.5ML CHG applicator : provide approximately more than 4.0″ x 4.0″ , less than 8”x8”   coverage area.

26.0ML CHG applicator : provide approximately more than 8”x8”   coverage area.

ISO13485   ISO14001   ISO9001   CE   FDA 

Compliance :

CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

INS (Infusion Nurses Society)

SHEA (Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America)

IDSA (Infectious Diseases Society of America)

APIC (Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology)


Department of Health and Human Services Action Plan to Prevent Healthcare Associated Infections

Application :

1.Pre-injection & Preoperative Procedure

2.Peripheral IV insertions and restarts

3.Dialysis procedures

4.Routine venipunctures

5.Percutaneous device insertions

6.Simple biopsies

7.Vascular Access Insertion & Maintenance

8.Routine catheter maintenance

9.Arterial blood gas collections

10.Surgical site cleansing after suturing

11.Arterial venous fistulas (AVF)/arterial venous graphs (AVG)



2.Two-year shelf life

3.Does not contain DEHP

4.Convenience of use

5.Aseptic technique

6.Friction scrub

7.Active in protein-rich biomaterials



10.Broad spectrum :MRSA  VRE  CRE  Clostridium difficile, Acineobacter, and most viruses and fungi

Optional Antiseptic Solution composition:

1 0.5% w/v CHG ( Chlorhexidine Gluconate ) + 70% v/v IPA ( Isopropyl Alcohol )
2 3.75% w/v CHG ( Chlorhexidine Gluconate ) + 70% v/v IPA ( Isopropyl Alcohol)
3 4.0% w/v CHG ( Chlorhexidine Gluconate ) + 70% v/v IPA ( Isopropyl Alcohol )
4 Povidone Iodine USP 10% w/v ( Equivalent to 1% Titratable Iodine )
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