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Cleaning Validation Swabs

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Cleaning Validation Swabs

Engineered to deliver consistent and accurate sample recovery for cleaning validation for both specific (HPLC, UV-Vis, IMS) and nonspecific (TOC) analytical methods. The swabs are effective with a wide range of diluents. Chenyanglobal trademarked green handles ensure your cleaning validation rests in safe hands.

Note: CY714K is also available in TOC Cleaning Validation Kits

Polyester  Swab Series is made from the cleanest 100% polyester

knit materials. The complete thermal bond construction eliminates

adhesive contamination.

Cleanroom manufactured, made to exacting and consistent tolerances using

high-precision automated processes. Lot coded for traceability and quality

control. Packaged in a silicone-free and amide-free bag.

*Also available in ESD. See ESD-Safe Series Swabs


Features & Benefits

•  Double layer of polyester knit fabric for enhanced absorbency

•  Engineered to resist snagging and abrading, preventing the release of

particles and fibers

•  Excellent chemical resistance for compatibility with a variety of solutions

•  100% virgin polypropylene handle ensures no additional contaminants are

introduced while offering excellent chemical resistance

•  Cleanroom laundered, providing ultra low levels of particles, NVRs

(non volatile residues) and ions

•  Autoclavable in dry heat and steam


•  Precision spot cleaning of grooves, tracks, slots and other small spaces

•  Applying and removing lubricants, adhesives and other solutions in a critical

clean environment

•  Solvent use (such as IPA)

•  Appropriate for use with temperatures less than 410°F



•  Biologics

•  Medical Device

•  Microelectronics

•  Optics

•  Pharmaceuticals

•  Semiconductor


Packing:10PCS/BAGS   Break point


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