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Oral flocking swab

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Oral flocking swab

Disposable Oral Collection Buccal DNA Testing Sterile Flocking Swab

1. Why Cells Specimen Collection Flocked Swab?
Flocked Swabs are ideal for collecting large amount of cells and rapid slution of the specimens instantly release the cells into the cells into the transport medium.
It is well recognized and adopted by the diagnostic test kit manufacturers who produce reagents in molecular genetic,forensics,clinical laboratories sectors.

With traditional fiber wound swabs a large percentage of the sample collected remains entrapped in the fiber matrix of the tip.
It has been shown that the flocked swab releases up to 95% of the sample collected compared to 25% in a standard fiber tipped swab-especially important if the sample size is particulary small.

4. Choice of Transport Tubes:
CerviSol Preserved Cells Solution available in different Transport Tube Specification with Volume Contents in 2ml(12*80mmTube),3ml(16*100mm Tube) and 10ml (25*90mm).

5. Features:
1. Utilizes Unique Spray-On Nylon Fiber Technology.
2. Velvet or Brushh Textures Costomized to collect Maximum Target Analyte.
3. Unique Molded Breakpoint Design in Swab Handle.
4. Maximum Collection of Cell Specimen Volume than Conventional or Traditional Wrap Swabs-Improvement of Assay Sensitivity.
5. Rapid Dislodge/Elute/Discharge/Release of Cell Specimens results in Minimum Hands-On Specimen Processing.
6. Certified for Amplification-based Test Compatibility.
7. Handle and Tip Specifications can be re-engineered and designed based on Customers’Different Application Needs.

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