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  • Saliva DNA Collection Device

    Saliva DNA Collection Device

    Release time:2019/06/12标签:Saliva DNA Collection DeviceTimes of browsing:2095

    Saliva DNA Collection Device An all-in-one system for the DNA collection from saliva icleanhcy®Saliva DNA Collection Devices Saliva sample has unique advantages in clinical, biochemical, and molecu...

  • specimen collection flocked swab

    specimen collection flocked swab

    Release time:2018/03/28标签:specimen collection flocked swabTimes of browsing:2863

    specimen collection flocked swab

  • Saliva collection kit

    Saliva collection kit

    Release time:2018/03/06标签:Saliva collection kitsTimes of browsing:3796

    Saliva collector kit、Saliva collection kit Transport Saliva (Spit) Applicator For Gene Saliva Test Accuracy Saliva tests may not have accurate results in elderly patients who have limited saliva o...

  • DNA Collection Kit With Nylon Flocked Swab

    DNA Collection Kit With Nylon Flocked Swab

    Release time:2015/11/08Times of browsing:1099

      DNA Collection Kit  Huachenyang (Shenzhen)Technology Co.,Ltd mainly support medical consumables for DNA collection . Include specimen collection nylon flocked swabs , foam swabs , sponge swa...

  • OEM Design Long Box DNA Gene Collection Kits

    OEM Design Long Box DNA Gene Collection Kits

    Release time:2015/11/08Times of browsing:832

    Desicripe: The perpendicular nylon fibers act like a soft brush,allowing the improved collection and release of both cellular and and liquid samples.   Applications Collection and release of b...

  • DNA Collection Kit With Barcode

    DNA Collection Kit With Barcode

    Release time:2015/11/08Times of browsing:885

    DNA Collection Kit Includes: Two pieces of specimen sample collection nylon flocked swabs Two pieces of 1.8 ML vials 1 ML cell preservation solution each vials One return bag Five barcodes One hard...

  • Saliva collection kit CY-98000

    Saliva collection kit CY-98000

    Release time:2015/11/08Times of browsing:140

    Saliva collection kit CY-98000 The DNA extraction flocking swab produced by our company is made of nylon icleanhcy fiber flocking technology. The front end is coated with nylon short fiber fixed in...

  • DNA TESTING KIT Manufacturer

    DNA TESTING KIT Manufacturer

    Release time:2019/06/12标签:DNA Testing Kit China ManufacturerTimes of browsing:2131

    DNA TESTING KIT Manufacturer We specialize in the production of flocking swabs, oral swabs, DNA sampling swabs, cervical swabs, forensic swabs, forensic sampling kits, DNA paternity testing kits, D...

  • Blood Acquisition Card

    Blood Acquisition Card

    Release time:2019/06/12标签:Blood Acquisition CardBlood collection kitDNA TEST KITSTimes of browsing:646

    Blood Acquisition Card Classical DNA Card Appearance Map Characteristics: 1. Inactivation of pathogenic microorganisms or viruses in samples to avoid contamination of operators 2 DNA samples can be...

  • Chlorhexidine Applicator

    Chlorhexidine Applicator

    Release time:2018/03/28Times of browsing:3345

    Chlorhexidine Applicator The 26.0 ML CHG Skin Antiseptic Foam Applicator  is designed to help you easily apply our chlorhexidine gluconate (CHG)/isopropyl alcohol (IPA) formulation for skin prepara...

  • Oral flocking swab

    Oral flocking swab

    Release time:2018/03/12Times of browsing:4143

    Oral flocking swab Disposable Oral Collection Buccal DNA Testing Sterile Flocking Swab 1. Why Cells Specimen Collection Flocked Swab? Flocked Swabs are ideal for collecting large amount of cells an...

  • Dna Free Foam Swabs

    Dna Free Foam Swabs

    Release time:2018/03/12Times of browsing:2375

    DNA testing of family/species/gender Diagnostic cell collection Wildlife forensic biology Buccal and other cell collection for testing and screening High particle collection capacity Individually w...