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  • Blood Acquisition Card

    Blood Acquisition Card

    Release time:2019/06/12标签:Blood Acquisition CardBlood collection kitDNA TEST KITSTimes of browsing:646

    Blood Acquisition Card Classical DNA Card Appearance Map Characteristics: 1. Inactivation of pathogenic microorganisms or viruses in samples to avoid contamination of operators 2 DNA samples can be...

  • specimen collection flocked swab

    specimen collection flocked swab

    Release time:2018/03/28标签:specimen collection flocked swabTimes of browsing:2864

    specimen collection flocked swab

  • Chlorhexidine Applicator

    Chlorhexidine Applicator

    Release time:2018/03/28Times of browsing:3347

    Chlorhexidine Applicator The 26.0 ML CHG Skin Antiseptic Foam Applicator  is designed to help you easily apply our chlorhexidine gluconate (CHG)/isopropyl alcohol (IPA) formulation for skin prepara...

  • Chlorhexidine Foam SwabStick

    Chlorhexidine Foam SwabStick

    Release time:2018/03/16标签:Chlorhexidine Foam SwabStickTimes of browsing:3194

    Chlorhexidine Foam SwabStick Swab 2% Chlorhexidine + 70% Alcohol Chlorhexidine Swabsticks are the first and only 3.15%(2%) chlorhexidine gluconate and 70% isopropyl alcohol solution. The swabsticks...



    Release time:2018/03/06Times of browsing:2346

    DNA TESTING KIT DNA TESTING KIT The Family Tree DNA test kit consists of two cotton ‘toothed’ swab kits—designed for a single persons use. Each tube contains a fluid designed to a...

  • Pharmacogenomics: What We Know About Genetic Testing for Mental Illness

    Pharmacogenomics: What We Know About Genetic Testing for Mental Illness

    Release time:2018/02/24Times of browsing:837

    Pharmacogenomics: What We Know About Genetic Testing for Mental Illness If you haven’t yet heard of pharmacogenomics, you will soon enough. Since 1949, May marks Mental Health Awareness Month...

  • Gene sampling swab

    Gene sampling swab

    Release time:2015/11/08Times of browsing:1471

    Nylon Flocked Swabs Applications: Buccal cell collection Forensic evidence collection Rapid diagnostic testing Specimen collection DNA collection General description The Huachenyang range of DNA Bu...